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General Liability Online Application

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Program Director: Dave Wicker
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During the last ten years, has any applicant been convicted on any degree of the crime of arson?   
Are there any additional interests, interested parties, mortgagees or loss payees to be added with this transaction?   
Are there any other business interests or activities of the named insured that are not identified or scheduled on this policy?   
Does the applicant have any subsidiaries or is the applicant a subsidiary of another entity?   
Is the business an employee leasing, labor leasing, labor contractor, PEO, temporary worker staffing or employment agency firm?   
Does the insured own any autos that are titled in the name of the business?   
Are non-owned autos (i.e. employee's personal autos) used either daily or weekly in the course of the insured's business?   
Are any operations open 24 hours a day?   

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